Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Addy Collett and I live in Charlotte, NC where I was born and raised. When it comes to passion, we all like to think we have it, and I’m no different. What IS different though is our story and how we got to where we are.

Keeping myself fit, eating clean food and staying healthy were nonnegotiable qualities that defined me at a very young age. To me, it was always about pushing yourself, balance, perspective, friends, good food, the outdoors and most important, family.

This was not a hobby, but a daily practice and passion that set me in the direction I finally went.

Aside from growing up in NC, I spent a lot of quality time in the Rocky Mountains with my family, getting a really good taste of what living should feel like.

We’d do arduous physical activities that included hiking, biking, running, strength training workouts and my personal favorite, skiing the slopes of Aspen. All the while, we “sandwiched” healthy meals in between our activities because we knew the importance of feeding the body right to excel in our pursuit of optimal wellness.

These trips would soon become titled “Camp Collett” and that’s where Find Your Altitude was born.

Back on the home front, I was equally as active and developed a love for all things physical; especially when done outside. The outdoors is actually my love language. Everything I have done in CO I have paralleled at home to stay as healthy as possible.

I truly feel that health is the greatest luxury of our life. Think of health as a gift. We have the opportunity to grow and maintain that gift. If you do not maintain your gifts, they get old, rusty and hard to keep polished.

One of the greatest gifts for me is knowing that I’ve helped someone become a better version of themselves so THEY can show up in a bright, happy place every day.

Let’s get started!

Addy’s Pathway to Fitness

Addy’s Pathway to Fitness

As I went through high school, I excelled at track and cross-country where my thirst for being outdoors could be quenched. A few years later, this led me to the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Rainier where my passion for hiking was satisfied.

After high school, I went to the University of South Carolina where I majored in public relations. Soon after college, I entered the arena of real estate. I’d work in this field all day but felt a void. I would spend most of my hours thinking about my part-time job in the evenings at a local gym.

Being surrounded by the gym atmosphere filled me with excitement, and it was at that moment that I knew a pivot was in the works. I soon transitioned to the fitness industry and it’s been all hands on deck ever since.

As with anything, I believe you can be successful at anything if you dive head first and put in the required work. It then became abundantly clear that real estate is not where my heart was. I’d rather wake up at 5 am and work until 10 pm in fitness than work a regular day in real estate. Life and work, and life and love are linked.

  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • DBC Fitness Bio-level Mechanics Certified
  • Core Power Certified Yoga Instructor
I am big into hands-on education. Not only do I work in the fitness field, but I also gravitate toward those who have amassed a high level of education themselves and try to learn from them.

I have spent 100 hours mentoring under one of Palm Beach’s top trainers and am constantly seeking out the newest and best methods of training to upgrade my skill set.

I have made every mistake in the book and then some on my path to being a fitness professional. Through a lot of tough lessons, I have adopted the motto, “Lift to lift – don’t lift to live.”

Much like you, I was confused on how to navigate the gym environment. I had no idea what exercises to do, I worked out all the time with little results and I certainly fell victim to overtraining.

Couple this with the fact that I became a class junkie, attending everything from Orange Theory Fitness to Barre 3 every day of the week, and it took a major toll on me physically and mentally.

Then it all changed. I started listening to seasoned bodybuilders and personal trainers who have been in the game for a really long time. I slowed my role, I learned how to work out properly in the gym and I made strength training a priority.

Fast forward to today and I’ve reestablished my relationship with fitness and focus on being stronger than skinnier. If this sounds like you, then I’m here to help!

My main specialities in training include kettlebells, the TRX, powerlifting, sculpting, weight loss, resistance bands and free weights. I’m here to serve you and teach you the 101 on how to move weights and use proper form with exercises.

I have helped over 500 women in the industry who were in need of knowledge and confidence in the gym atmosphere. If you have never lifted a weight in your life, if you have had little to no results or if you are looking to change up your current routine, I have your back!